The changing coffee scene in Paris with Coutume’s Tom Clark

EPISODE 3: If you want to know about the how Paris is moving away from the typical cafes and into the new wave of coffee shops, then Tom Clark is your man.

He takes us behind the beans of the coffee world, and admittedly catches us out in our blind taste test.

Listen here:


In the second part of the show, we discuss driving in Paris, which is a lot less pleasant of an experience than a coffee in Coutume!

Find the Coutume coffee shops in Paris via the official site here, and be sure to check out the brand new location on Rue Martel in the tenth.

NEXT EPISODE: We talk to Lisa Anselmo, a woman who’s just released her own memoir about life in Paris. We also talk about kissing cheeks with the French (and with expats in France), and about how Lisa was instrumental in ridding Paris of the love lock obsession. Listen here.



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