Ep 15. Five movies set in Paris you should watch

We meet Matt and Manon from Lost in Frenchlation, a company that puts English subtitles on French movies in Paris.

They join us on the terrace of Les Deux Moulins (the cafe from Amelie) and share what they consider to be the five best movies set in Paris.

Listen to the chat in by clicking play below.


And as promised, here’s the video from the quickfire round.

Here are the trailers from the five movies they mentioned:

One: Chacun cherche son chat (When The Cat’s Away)

“It’s a portrait gallery of Parisians,” says Manon.

Two: Mesrine

“A film about a notorious gangster in Paris, similar to Chopper in Australia,” says Matt.


Three. Tchao Pantin

“It’s a dark movie, but a good representation of the violence in France in the eighties. But watch out for the wonderful friendship story,” says Manon.

Four: Polisse

“A movie about child protection police, like a much cooler NCIS, in a documentary style,” says Matt.

Five: Moulin Rouge

“It’s a cliché but I had to choose it. It’s not just a blockbuster, it also is an ode to artists, writers, poets, and it reminds me of how artists used to live in Montmartre,” says Manon.

“This is what cinema is about, it should be a show.”


Find out more about Lost in Frenchlation here (and check out their Facebook  page here).

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