Ep. 22: Are the French good at speaking English?

Episode 22: We are joined by Luke Thompson from Luke’s English Podcast to tackle this question, and he should know the answer.

After all, he has spent a lot of time teaching English to French people.


This guy is a podcast pro, unlike me (I even called him Paul at one point in the chat, despite his name clearly being Luke), and he has done hundreds of episodes over at Luke’s English Podcast. He even has a mug (see mug above).

Have a listen to us discussing the topic of French people speaking English, the immortals at the Académie Française, and the reasons why French people don’t like their accents.

Click play below to hear the show, and click here to learn how to subscribe to the Earful Tower. When you subscribe, you get our show way earlier, and it’s downloaded straight to your phone every week.


Oh yes, and good news this week – we were nominated for Best Expat Blog About Paris by Expatriates Magazine.

Sure, we aren’t really a blog, and sure, we don’t deserve to win it against such impressive nominees, but hey – voting only takes 5 seconds so why not throw us a vote?

In other news, we have recorded a few extra episodes to stay ahead of the game and one involves me and James on a scooter zooming around Paris seeing some sites. Watch this space.



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